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Home Insurance

From the apocalyptic TV adverts to something actually going wrong in your home, home insurance protects you from events that can lead to home damage or loss & theft of your belongings.

Home insurance is typically made up of two separate areas of insurance; buildings and contents – they can be bought together with the same provider or individually from different providers. Our guide is a generic view of home insurance that can help give you a better idea of what it is you will be paying for, and what other key factors that may come into play when you’re purchasing your personal home insurance.

Whether you’ve suffered home damage from fire, an electrical fault or just a general household accident – it happens to the best of us – having the right kind of insurance can give you peace of mind when it comes to making a claim and replacing your belongings or repairing and possibly, in the worst of cases, rebuilding your home.

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Buying home insurance? Here are the basics

Here are our frequently asked questions about home insurance:

In short, home insurance protects you from anything that may happen to your home and your possessions inside your property. From theft to fire protection, having the right kind of insurance policy can protect you from any unforeseen issues that could take place in your home.

Burst water pipes, floods, leaks and even subsidence, these can all be covered with the right providers.

Whenever you purchase home insurance you will be asked whether or not you want to buy buildings and content cover together or separately. Some brokers will only deal with one or the other, but on the whole, many will offer both as part of a package.

You are under no legal obligation to have home insurance but it is always advisable as you can never know when something unexpected may happen.

Your mortgage provider may insist that in order to have a mortgage, you need to have buildings insurance that covers the term of the mortgage. This will be part of the agreement you have signed with the mortgage provider at the time of taking out a new mortgage, or during remortgaging.

You are not legally obliged to take out insurance with the provider in this case, you can shop around for the best possible deal.

We’ve spoken about what home insurance covers, but what about the things it doesn’t cover?

For example, wear and tear are not common contents cover policy, whilst high value items may require specific cover by themselves. Some insurance companies won’t insure items over £20,000 unless a broker is involved.

Personal possessions cover is a little different. For example you may have possessions in your home which, if you were burgled would be covered. If however you went out with your watch, or phone, these won’t necessarily be covered in your contents insurance away from your property.

Thoroughly research what your contents insurance covers and where so that you can see if the policy is best for your requirements.

Having some basic information before you start your quote can help you find the right deal for your own personal circumstances.

Our system will ask questions along the way to ensure that the available deals you will be presented with reflect the level of insurance you will need to cover one or both elements of your home insurance.

The kind of information we ask for includes;

  • Details about your property
    e. When was it built? What is your building style? The type of brickwork used?
  • Rebuild value of your home
    This can be found in your mortgage documentation or even found online.
  • Your insurance requirements
    Is it just home or do you need contents as well?

Throughout the whole process we will ask questions that will help better indicate what needs covering, and what additional features you may want to take out such as, accidental damage cover.

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